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Rest In Peace Capt. Jesse Arsola

Adventures on the Texas Gulf Coast with Capt. Jesse Arsola! If you are an avid fisherman looking for the excitement of that special fishing trip and want to experience the Texas bay fishing to its fullest, Reel-Life-Adventures will show you an outstanding fishing trip....
A trip that you will long remember for a lifetime!

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Capt. Jesse Arsola's Reel-Life-Adventures!

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Trips for Baffin Bay fishing can be booked beginning on Nov. 1st.
No trip reservations for Baffin Bay fishing trips will be booked prior to this date.

Effective Jan 1, 2008, all trout 23" and over will be "catch and release" only. We will take several photos of your catch and measurements so that you will be able to have a replica mount done if you want a mount of a trophy fish.

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18lb tripletail caught by Keith Warren fishing with Capt.Jesse Arsola and Capt.Lee Warmke

Baffin Bay 31 3/4"

Advanced Trophy Trout Tactics
by Capt. Kev Cochran

Click on the icon to view a promo for an instructional and entertaining DVD created by Kevin Cochran with the help of Captain Arsola. Advanced Trophy Trout Tactics is intended for all people who love to pursue trophy speckled trout with artificial lures. It includes tips on how to select the proper lure for the moment, in-depth descriptions of presentation techniques and much more, including appearances by Kev's archetypal character, The Phantom.

Captain Kev Cochran's new book, Waters Wild, is now available. A collection of fishing stories taken from Kev's experiences as a guide, tournament angler and recreational fisherman, the book is intended mostly to entertain, though ample detailed information on trophy trout fishing is included. The book has three sections: a set of strange and memorable events, a set of tournament tales and a set of offshore stories. The book is about 120 pages and includes pictures related to the stories, and will be available for order through Gulf Coast Connections Press. The price will be $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Call 361-785-3420 or email gcc.se@earthlink.net to place an order.
Kev's first book, Tricking Texas Trout, is still available for sale through the same source...Great information...don't miss out!

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Or call 979-245-9914

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